User Involvement in Switzerland

From July to September 2013 several methods of analysis were applied to involve end-users for the first time in the project. The goal was to get a collection of data from end-users for a well-grounded end-user-requirements analysis, which shows how our end-users think and which needs, wishes and requirements they have. These findings will be integrated in the overall requirements analysis to define the final product idea.

The Swiss Red Cross in Lucerne/Switzerland with its great connection to the elderly and their caregivers, made it possible to get together with 20 elderly people and 13 caregivers. soultank AG, a well-experienced usability company, arranged focus groups, guided interviews and cultural probes.

In separate focus groups elderly people and caregivers discussed issues such as communication in general, communication of health problems as well as past and present experiences during the care. Furthermore ideas and wishes how care could be improved were discussed.

In addition soultank AG visited five elderly people in their own household to conduct guided interviews with the elderly persons and correspondent caregivers. These interviews gave information about, how they handle technological devices and how they experience their common care situation.

To get an insight in everyday life of our target group, we arranged cultural probes. Therefor we distributed diaries to participants to be filled in during one week. The participants documented their daily life with journal entries and photos and gave us the diaries back. Now we have lots of results, which give us a better understanding of end-users life.