The Idea

“Is my mum doing fine just at this moment?” Answering this question, in a quick comprehensible way without the need of calling or passing by could relieve a lot of stress from informal caregivers.
The idea can be described best by the following illustration:

Illustraiton of the RelaxedCare Idea: On top an elderly person is watering flowers within a house where different smart home sensors are installed - connected to the RelexedCare Cube. The well-being state is then send to different devices - a color changing lamp, a digitgal picture frame or a smart phone

The RelaxedCare system consists of a well-designed cube and a smartphone app.

At the Assisted Persons home (upper part of the illustration) the cube is connected to a smart home system with different sensors, based on an exisiting AAL platform. Innovative behavior pattern recognition methods detect the wellbeing status of the user. This includes activity level, social interaction and daily life routines.


On the caregiver´s side, the wellbeing status is displayed in a simple and pervasive way by the RelaxedCare cube and via the app. A short glimpse at the color indicator on the cube or the app informs in an easy comprehensible way about the wellbeing status of the assisted person. Detailed information can be accessed in the app.


The Cube also enables both sides to send simple messages on the basis of an innovative interaction design – by simply placing NFC tiles on top of the cube. Asking for help, requesting a call or sayig “I think of you” has never been as simple and non-intrusive as with RelaxedCare.


Expected Results

  • RelaxedCare will connect informal caregivers and assisted persons.
  • RelaxedCare will help to reassure informal caregivers.
  • RelaxedCare will help assisted persons to feel socially connected.
  • RelaxedCare will create nicely designed and accepted pervasive user interfaces.
  • RelaxedCare will bring up new methods for AAL pattern recognition on different levels.
  • RelaxedCare will contribute to the AAL scientific community by widespread dissemination.
  • RelaxedCare will be developed to be brought to market as “AAL system in a box”.