Assisted Persons

“Increasing the independence of Assisted Persons, enabling them to live in the their preferred environment (their own home) as along as possible”. This is the main aim of the RelaxedCare project.

To achieve this, a good connection between assisted persons and informal caregivers is needed. RelaxedCare tries to achieve this, by giving the assisted person the chance

  • to inform their informal caregivers about their wellbeing-state
  • to request actively the informal caregivers to come back to assisted person
  • to send & receive simple messages like “Everything is fine” or “I think of you”

The assisted person of course has the chance to decide together with the informal caregivers, which activities of daily living can be monitored to be informed about the wellbeing.

We want to include this target group throughout the project – especially in Salzburg and Lucern. If you are interested – please get in contact with us!