About the project

The RelaxedCare project is a research project with partners from Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Spain. Nine different partners with interesting backgrounds work together to develop the RelaxedCare Systems. Research organisations, end-user organisations, designers, usability experts and SMEs with innovative products bring in all their knowledge and experience to develop a system that is able to reach the market in short time after the project’ finalisation.

A cornerstone of the project is the active user involvement. The user inspired development process will help to create a system, satisfying real needs, as it is developed with users, for users.

The RelaxedCare Project is funded within the AAL Joint Programme, the European Commission and national funding agencies from Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia and Spain.

The work of the partners is not completely funded. Thus each partner shows also his interest in participating in this project by co-financing this research and the development activities.

Project Facts

Coordinator: AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH
Duration: 36 Months
Starting Date: May 1, 2013
Total budget: 3,062 Mio €
Public contribution: 1,834 Mio €