Kick Off Meeting

RelaxedCare Kick-Off Meeting From 3rd to 4th of June, all nine partners of the RelaxedCare project met in Gumpoldskirchen near Vienna (Austria) for an intense 2 days kick-off meeting.

After a getting to know each other, the real work on the project was started. Many different ideas, thoughts and points of view were collected and discussed. Thus the idea of what the “RelaxedCare” Project should really be was discussed.

To get this common view, Personas that should reflect possible users were created together. Within group discussions specific issues as the organization of the user requirements phase or the available technology within the project consortium were elaborated.

Photo of participants of the Kick-Off-Meeting

At the end of the meeting, all participants had a better idea with whom they will collaborate the next three years and what RelaxedCare really will be about!