50p Summer Event

This year’s summer festival, organized by the Austrian Seniorenbund, took place at the famous open-air museum in Großgmain near Salzburg city. The event provided a varied program for the visitors. True to the motto “Do It Yourself”, the visitors were invited to actively contribute artistically in the design of Salzburg’s largest image. In addition to information booths about e-bikes, cheap bus travel and various companies, they were also informed about RelaxedCare.

Photo of Felix Neumaier, Sepp Saller, Julia Unger and Frauke Lettmann
(From the right: Felix Neumaier, Sepp Saller (head of Salzburger Seniorenbund), Julia Unger and Frauke Lettmann)

Besides a large poster, flyers and information material the event was used to showcase the RelaxedCare project. To get the interests of the visitors we organized a tombola, with the aim to attract more people to the project and to gain potential participants for future trials.

Photo of happy winner

One of 3 winners! The first price was an Emporia mobile phone, the second price a computer course for seniors in the 50plus Center and the third several books.

We hope this type of advertising will bear fruit, as more than 300 seniors visited our booth. Overall the festival was a huge success especially for our project, because we succeeded to promote, present and inspire people.

One of the partners, NDU, also visited the summer festival and asked the visitors to “show and tell”, what they were carrying in their pockets. This is a method to identify everyday objects, people have along in their pockets when they are on the move. This will give input for designers, whatever the objects that are taken for granted, new solutions can find out.

The seniors were willing to lay the items on a table in front of them and to discuss the functionality in a cozy and informal atmosphere.
A total of 7 people were interviewed, of which 5 female and 2 male.

Photo of Post-It notes

About 1500 visitors were entertained; musical framed by two bands, followed the trade demonstrations, gathered information on EU projects and enjoyed at 36 degrees the ambience of the museum.

Various small photos