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soultank AG is a Swiss science-based usability consultancy, which is well experienced in ergonomics, usability, user experience and user centred design. Since 1996 we have been analysing, designing and verifying interactive systems with an independent view for different customers in industries like web & e-commerce, consumer goods, industry & healthcare, services & communication and software & mobile applications. Our main goal is to improve the quality of human machine interaction. Therefore our work is based on ISO 9241 part 210 with a flexible assignment of methods matched with customer interests.


1. Analysis

(e.g. requirements engineering, user requirements and task analysis, personas, user research such as contextual inquiry, questionnaires, focus groups)

2. Conceptual Design

(e.g. information architecture, card sorting, interaction concept such as navigation concept, concept of access, definition of site types, styleguides/guidelines, interaction patterns)

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3. Visualisation

(e.g. lo-fi and hi-fi prototyping, wireframing)

4. Testing

(e.g. usability testing, expert review, before-after comparison, online surveys, competitor and benchmark analysis, heuristic evaluation)

This model and methods can be used in different project phases such as initialisation, analysis, conception, implementation, launching and can be used in an iterative way.

soultank AG operates a usability laboratory in Zug/Switzerland and a mobile usability lab for flexible assignments. We are active across Europe with focus on Switzerland.

Role in Project

soultank AG provides the user centred design methods and techniques required by the project to integrate the end-user in an optimal way during the entire project. Especially in work packages WP 2 and WP 7 we will put a high emphasis on the user centred design process. In WP 2 we will support the project partners in evaluation and analysis of end-user requirements, stakeholder and business requirements and to define use cases and scenarios. In WP 7 we will perform a key role in the project to ensure that RelaxedCare keeps the requirements of the end-users (informal caregivers and assisted persons) in mind. In this context connection we will carry on lab and field trials. In WP 3, 4, 5 and 8 we will coach the project continuously in matters of user centred design.



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Bianca Redel
Senior Usability Consultant
Phone: +41 41 726 50 20