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Mobili is an innovative high-tech company, a regular member of the Technological park in Ljubljana. Mobili is a developer of enterprising mobile and workstation / server bio-sensor solutions in the field of mobile medicare, tele-health solutions, AAL, sport and first response tracking. Pioneering mobile technology and solutions for clients, enabling them to make the most out of the mobile channel and have a substantial impact on their bottom line remains Mobili primary concern.

Mobili past project, related to mobile-health / mobile bio-sensors is CHIRON (European Research Project co-financed by the ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking (call 2009 – Artemis Sub-program ASP2: Person-centric Healthcare)), where Mobili is a partner responsible for mobile platform, .terminal solutions and later mobile phone solutions.

Role in the project

Mobili is primarily be responsible for the development of mobile services (sensor data provision, front end applications for users. Furthermore, it hase the role of the leader of the Platform and Service Development workpackage.