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Company Description

IBERNEX Ingenieria S.L. is a Large enterprise belonging to PIKOLIN Group. IBERNEX is new company addressed to solutions development and commercialization based on electronic and software applications related to elderly people (nursing homes, home care and telecare) and access and presence control. Our company develop and distribute products (hardware and software) related to telecare social services in several European countries. Our customers are service providers, which are looking for new applications and solutions to improve the quality of their services and increase the business model. So, we are very interested to exploit the project results.

Company expertise

R&D department is based on an engineer and software developer team, with a large experience in electronic area and software area (Windows, Linux, C#, .net, OS, SQL, Oracle, etc.), with the technological equipment for the prototypes development and manufacturing. The goal of this department is to develop new products, to improve the already existent products and to integrate external solutions, with a continuous innovation effort, looking for the application of new technologies. Currently, we are involved in 3 main projects:

  • BEDMOND (Behaviour pattern based assistant for elderly detection and management of neurodegenerative diseases) AAL-2008-1-026
  • NACODEAL (Natural communication device for assistive living) AAL-2010-3-116
  • GAMEUP (Game-based mobility training and motivation for senior citizens) AAL-2011-4-090

Although IBERNEX is a new company, Technical team has a large previous experience to participate in R&D projects supported by National Administration (Industry Ministry) or by European Union inside Framework Programs from 1992.

Company role in the project

To look for new applications for home services for elderly people to increase the Independent Living capacity, following the requirements defined in AAL (Ambient Assistive Living) model.


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