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The 50plus Ltd. aims at defining requirements based on necessities and wishes of people older than 50, and to provide these results to research and development. Furthermore, they want to close the gap between development and usage of new services and applications.

The 50plus centre joins the functionality of representing interests of and offering interesting and informative activities for elderly on an area above more than 700m² diverse proposals for seniors. The elderlies are offered courses (languages, sports, computer and hobby), consultations, wellness and health offers, as well as a showroom. There the 50plus Ltd. represents a permanent exhibition of products. The exponents are easy and simple to handle on one side and specially developed auxiliary products for people over 50 years on the other side. The handling and functionality within the scope of the exhibition / presentation shall be improved by means of visitor’s feedback.

As an end-user organization, 50plus will play an important role in gathering end user requirements in the early stage of the project (WP2) and as work package leader in the evaluation of the user acceptance (WP7) later on. The 50plus center, which is designed as a gathering point for elderly, is optimal for testing and evaluating the system in different scenarios in a showroom and for the recruitment of elderly for the evaluation in people’s homes. In addition 50plus offers in the city of Salzburg three senior centers and on the countryside 18 meeting points which can be used as trial surroundings. The recruitment can be done either directly there or at externally organized events.

All staff is well educated and experienced in contact with elderly.

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